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About me


Hi, I’m Mark Krassner, a 2x founder, passionate coach, and alignment geek.

I’ve been through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship many times. I learned a lot from the challenges and savored the successes, but mentoring other founders was the most fulfilling aspect of my career. Three years ago I recruited a CEO to take the helm of my last company so I could focus on coaching entrepreneurs and creators full-time.

Along the way, I developed a methodology that reliably helps my clients buck the trend of grind culture. Along with dazzling business wins they experience profound transformation in every area of their lives. It’s my absolute favorite thing to see how people light up when they step into this work—for me, I feel it’s the best job on earth. My mission is to share a framework and corresponding principles to powerfully support people in creating lives and businesses that exceed their wildest dreams.


  • 1983: Born in Rockland County, NY
  • 1993: After a 3-year search, my mom found a lost half-sister from the Holocaust, showing me anything is possible
  • 2002: Went to college at the University of Buffalo
  • 2005: Studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia
  • 2006: Solo backpacked through The Pacific Rim and Latin America on two separate trips
  • 2007: Started my career at Biomet in medical device sales and worked closely with surgeons at The Hospital For Special Surgery
  • 2012: Founded my first venture, Knee Walker Central, a lifestyle business to fuel my wanderlust
  • 2013: Began meditating
  • 2015: Played a leading role to help support an underserved elementary school in The Philippines. This inspired me to get into social entrepreneurship
  • 2016: Drank ayahuasca for the first time and began investing significant time and resources in other transformational modalities
  • 2017: Sold Knee Walker Central
  • 2017: Founded Expectful with the goal of making meditation as common as prenatal vitamins
  • 2018: Joined a men’s group and developed some of my closest male relationships
  • 2019: Began mentoring other founders and fell in love
  • 2020: Left NYC for a nomadic life during COVID. Lived in Austin, Kaua’i, Kingston, Florida, Ithaca, & Nosara
  • 2021: Recruited a CEO to take the helm of Expectful and became Chairman
  • 2021: Stepped into coaching full time
  • 2022: Expectful was acquired by BabyList. This was not a financial win, but a priceless win on the purpose and learning side
  • 2023: Moved to Mexico City

Teachers & mentors:

  • Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman, Conscious Leadership Group
  • David Waldas, Aligned Living
  • Lauren Zander, Handel Group
  • Ayahuasca 😂 but seriously