Mark Krassner

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👋 I’m Mark, a 2x founder and coach with a passion for helping entrepreneurs & creators bring bold visions to life.

I do this through a contrarian approach to the art of success and contribution.

This image summarizes my philosophy:


What I’ve found is that, the further you are on either side of this continuum, the more you move from the realm of easy-to-understand, linear cause-and-effect, to a world of terrible or delightful occurrences that might have seemed totally out of your ability to control or influence.

On the left, are unwanted outcomes: “First it’s the feather, then the 2x4, then the Mack Truck” (- Source unknown).

On the right is where your flow and abundance lives: first it’s a wink, then a pat on the back, then a standing ovation.

As your coach, I help you navigate this continuum with confidence, playfulness, and love. We identify where you’re misaligned and work to eradicate the causes that are creating drama or difficulty in your life. Often, issues arising in one area are symptomatic of a misalignment in another, and it’s not always obvious. This is why we take a holistic approach, exploring the many dimensions of your business and life together. In our journey, we locate the point of highest leverage that can be realigned to unlock wellsprings of dormant potential. As this process unfolds, you move further and further to the right of the continuum, where everything— including massive business success— takes care of itself.

It all starts with the reputation you have with yourself. As your inner world expands, it ripples into your relational world, and then into your material world. Alongside greater radiance and aliveness, you enjoy epic company culture, joyful collaboration, delightful growth curves, and healthy rounds of funding.

When you live this way, not only do you get everything you want, you start to naturally contribute to everyone around you, too. This happens effortlessly as a byproduct of your alignment.

This is predictable magic that I’ve seen time and time again, and yet it never gets old! It’s my greatest joy and honor to help people discover this wonderment and 360° prosperity for themselves.

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