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Coaching FAQ

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How often would we meet?

We typically meet 2x per month. In the beginning of a coaching engagement I’ve found it’s helpful to have shorter time lapses between sessions (up to 4x monthly) to help you quickly build momentum and solidify new ways of moving through the world.

Beyond regularly scheduled sessions, it’s not uncommon for us to async through text, voice note, and email. I’m also available for impromptu calls and zooms during critical or triumphant moments. I derive a lot of meaning through my relationships with my clients and get energy from the opportunity to be in your corner for the highs and lows.

I work on a monthly retainer, and any conversations we have beyond the 2x per month are complimentary. The meter is never running.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 1-hour and I always leave an 30 extra minutes open on the back end of a session. I’ve found that there are times in which even 10 extra minutes can make an already impactful coaching session twice as powerful. That said, I always check to see when/if you have a hard stop and make sure to keep us on track.

What do sessions look like?

  1. Begin with a short meditation or breathwork to get us grounded and present [5 min]
  2. Celebrate wins big and small [2 min]
  3. Follow up on previous action items and vital points that were touched on [3 min]
  4. Align on what we want to focus on and dive in [50-80 min]
  5. Set up 1-2 high impact action items that meaningfully propel your life forward [5 minutes]

What kind of commitment would I have to make?

My coaching is on a monthly recurring basis so you’re never locked into an agreement. If our work together isn’t blowing your mind or you want to wrap for any reason, you can stop anytime.

How long do people typically work with you?

At the present moment I work with 2 of my first clients who I began coaching over 3-years ago. I’ve been working with other founders for over a year. 

While you can stop partnering with me anytime, I enjoy working with people that are interested in a longer term relationship (6+ months) and want me in their inner circle of support and guidance as their company scales. I’ve found that the more time we spend in each other’s life, the more rich, meaningful, and impactful it gets for us both. That said I do not think any coaching relationship should last forever and there is a natural time for transitions. When that time comes I enjoy helping clients that are interested in a different type of coaching find the perfect fit.

Getting started

How do we begin?

  1. After filling out a short questionnaire, we schedule a 1-hour zoom to get to know one another and see if there’s chemistry.
  2. If we both feel enthusiastic about working together, we will schedule our first session and I’ll send you:
    1. A comprehensive intake that helps me understand you, your business, your influences, and the state of every area of your life on a deeper level. This saves a lot of time and helps us springboard into meaningful work in our first session.
    2. A commitment form that lays out the agreements and expectations we have of one another to set a strong foundation for our work together.
  3. Our first session is an hour and a half. While most sessions are an hour long with extra time reserved in case we’re onto something big, the first session is always an hour and a half to make sure we have ample time to cover everything. By the end we should both have a clear sense of the most meaningful areas to focus on and momentum going into our next session.


What’s the difference between your coaching and therapy?

There are a few key factors that make working with me significantly different from therapy.

  • You’ll be encouraged to put insights gained from our sessions into meaningful action in your life. There is a high degree of accountability.
  • We spend most of our time in the present and future. Although your childhood influences and experiences are something we’re likely to touch on, we spend most of our time looking forward.
  • At times I share my opinion, direct advice, and call bullshit if I sense there is any inauthenticity.
  • I can and often do develop a personal relationship with my clients that goes beyond our regular sessions (we can even hug!) which would be a big no no in therapy.
  • I don’t do trauma or addiction work and am happy to make referrals.